Looking for a Gift for a 11 or 12 Year Old?

Sphero SPRK+ STEAM Educational Robot

Need a gift for a 11 or 12 year old who loves technology?  This gift may be just the right choice for that preteen and it is not just a toy or a game but a gift that will teach kids the fundamentals of programming.   Many STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) programs are actually using these in class so this will allow the student to master what at home what they are learning at school.

The Sphero SPRK is a clear round ball that lets the preteen see what they are controlling.  A Bluetooth interface allows the Sphero to be controlled by compatible phones or tablets . If your preteen saw BB8 last year and you held off getting them one then this is a great substitute that will teach them more about how to control a robot to navigate a maze, swim across the water, or do a little dance.

Check out the Sphero site to learn more about this educational tool or see a video of the Sphero SPRK+ in action.   http://www.sphero.com/sprk-plus