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Santa\'s List
Create “Nice List” certificates for your childrenchowmeyow / / CC BY-NC-SA
Create \”Nice List\” certificates for your children

I use Blue Mountain electronic cards all of the time as I have family spread from the extreme Southeast to the extreme Northwest.  They are always coming out with new cards that are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and whatever.  I just happened to be searching and found some interest items in their printable collection.  I have been a long time Hallmark user for printable cards and really like them but this appears to be just about as easy to use.

The card I thought you might find interesting for Christmas is a “Nice List Certificate” that you can create and print online.  Looks like they currently have a problem printing from Chrome, so you may need to use a different browser.

My thought was to begin the season with letting your children know they are on the “Nice List”.  Perhaps  have your elf bring it with them when they come around Thanksgiving.  You could even spell out some good deeds that Santa and your elf would like to see them work on as they experience the meaning of Christmas.

You can check out the “Nice List Certificate” at this link: