Disney’s Top Gift Suggestions for 2015


Disney toys for 2015
  Anna and Elsa Frozen Fever Doll Set





Star Wars and Frozen Toys Top Disney’s 2015 Christmas Suggestions








Disney has a lot of toys to suggest for Christmas.  Last Christmas, Frozen was the big hit with all of the young ladies and many of them sang Let It Go for me throughout the season (with a little prompting from Santa and the delight of mom and dad who were recording the visit).  As with other popular movies of years past, I am sure that Anna and Elsa will continue to be a big hit with many children.  With the opening of Star Wars the Force Awakens, Disney will have very popular toys that that appeal to both they young men and young women.   According to Toy New the top dozen on Disney’s list of toy suggestions for 2015 include the Anna and Elsa Frozen Fever Doll Set, the Inside Out Talking Doll Sing-Along With Elsa by Jakks, and  Star Wars Princess Leia and Darth Vader costumes.