Star Wars Newest Character – Porg

Porg only had a very brief appearance in the latest Star Wars trailer for the Last Jedi but it was enough to tell us this cute little guy will probably be the most popular toy next to Rey who will be the star of this movie.

Porg was introduced in the Star Wars trailer Oct 2017

Hasbro has a wide selection and price range of toys featuring Porg so you can find toys that are plush, talking (clips from the movie), animated as well as Chewie and the Porgs hardcover book.  Check out some of the toys and the book with the links below.  Better yet, go ahead and get the one you like and set up a visit for Santa to deliver your child their new Star Wars Porg.

 Chewie and the Porgs 

Electronic plush Porg

Flaps and chatters, waddles and moves.  Check out the video of this Porg to see it in action.


Toys for 2017

Best New Toys For Christmas 2017 - Popular Hottest Toy of 2018
What will your children ask Santa for this year?

It is hard to believe but there are only 78 days until Christmas!

Are you wondering what your children may be asking for this year?  Some of my elves like Amazon, Toyrus, and Walmart these are some of the toys to expect your guys and gals to be asking for. Hatchimals has two new products one of which is very interactive and the CollEGGtibles collection which is a nice stocking stuffer at about $10 each. If you want to share a toy that perhaps you had then Teddy Ruxpin is back and more magical than ever.  Finally, Fingerlings the Interactive Baby Monkey may also prove very popular.

Santa Bruce


See the 67 new toys that are expected to be the most popular this year. Click the link which will take you to the article elf Jennifer has put together to see all of the toys. 2017’s Most Popular New Toys for Kids This Christmas

Looking for a Gift for a 11 or 12 Year Old?

Sphero SPRK+ STEAM Educational Robot

Need a gift for a 11 or 12 year old who loves technology?  This gift may be just the right choice for that preteen and it is not just a toy or a game but a gift that will teach kids the fundamentals of programming.   Many STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) programs are actually using these in class so this will allow the student to master what at home what they are learning at school.

The Sphero SPRK is a clear round ball that lets the preteen see what they are controlling.  A Bluetooth interface allows the Sphero to be controlled by compatible phones or tablets . If your preteen saw BB8 last year and you held off getting them one then this is a great substitute that will teach them more about how to control a robot to navigate a maze, swim across the water, or do a little dance.

Check out the Sphero site to learn more about this educational tool or see a video of the Sphero SPRK+ in action.


Prettie Girl Doll

The One World Doll Project launched a line of multi-cultural dolls know as Prettie Girls.  The line has proved very successful at retailers such as Walmart which has announced that they will increase their presence for the Tween Scene Collection.  The One World Doll Project’s collection consist of fashion play dolls with a variety of culture, interests, and style backgrounds to choose from.

Disney’s Top Gift Suggestions for 2015


Disney toys for 2015
  Anna and Elsa Frozen Fever Doll Set





Star Wars and Frozen Toys Top Disney’s 2015 Christmas Suggestions








Disney has a lot of toys to suggest for Christmas.  Last Christmas, Frozen was the big hit with all of the young ladies and many of them sang Let It Go for me throughout the season (with a little prompting from Santa and the delight of mom and dad who were recording the visit).  As with other popular movies of years past, I am sure that Anna and Elsa will continue to be a big hit with many children.  With the opening of Star Wars the Force Awakens, Disney will have very popular toys that that appeal to both they young men and young women.   According to Toy New the top dozen on Disney’s list of toy suggestions for 2015 include the Anna and Elsa Frozen Fever Doll Set, the Inside Out Talking Doll Sing-Along With Elsa by Jakks, and  Star Wars Princess Leia and Darth Vader costumes.


This IS the Droid You Want!

BB-8 the App controlled Droid is but one of the star wars toys that many will want to get their hands on.  At a rumored price of around $150 so it is not a toy that will be in everyone’s Christmas stocking this year.  Sphero has built a toy that can be controlled by a smart phone, given voice commands and one that will probably have those that can afford it competing with one another to see who can navigate  the maze that the imagination  creates. 

Star Wars Toy Unboxing Event

The excitement for Christmas is really building especially with Star The Force Awakens opening before Christmas.  A lot of children have heard mom and dad (grandmother and granddad) talk about Star Wars so there is excitement from all directions to see what will be on the wish list for Christmas.  Around the world event the toys for 2015 were shown today, Force Friday.    Continue reading “Star Wars Toy Unboxing Event”