Thinking About an Elf for Your Child?

Free Introduction Letter for Your New Elf

Elf visit for Christmas
Children really want elves and they can be lots of fun!w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines) / / CC BY-NC-ND

Elves are very popular with children, so much so that Santa has to ask about how many elves and what are their names.  If you are thinking about getting an elf for the first time or about another elf then perhaps you would like a letter from Santa introducing your new elf.  The letter gives some background about your elf and what the children might expect.  Santa signed the letter and the address is from Santa’s Desk.  The letter is in an Adobe PDF format form where you can add the name of your child.  Just download the file, open the PDF, click in the “TO:”  field and enter the name(s) of the child or family.

I will be adding new files over time which will include “Nice Certificates” from your elf, “Need to Try Harder”, and many other letters you can use to keep the magic of Christmas alive.  In an upcoming post I will also give information on how you can create your own letter from Santa and have the USPS deliver it with a North Pole postmark.

Get your free introduction letter here.  Elf Arrival Letter

Prettie Girl Doll

The One World Doll Project launched a line of multi-cultural dolls know as Prettie Girls.  The line has proved very successful at retailers such as Walmart which has announced that they will increase their presence for the Tween Scene Collection.  The One World Doll Project’s collection consist of fashion play dolls with a variety of culture, interests, and style backgrounds to choose from.

Disney’s Top Gift Suggestions for 2015


Disney toys for 2015
  Anna and Elsa Frozen Fever Doll Set





Star Wars and Frozen Toys Top Disney’s 2015 Christmas Suggestions








Disney has a lot of toys to suggest for Christmas.  Last Christmas, Frozen was the big hit with all of the young ladies and many of them sang Let It Go for me throughout the season (with a little prompting from Santa and the delight of mom and dad who were recording the visit).  As with other popular movies of years past, I am sure that Anna and Elsa will continue to be a big hit with many children.  With the opening of Star Wars the Force Awakens, Disney will have very popular toys that that appeal to both they young men and young women.   According to Toy New the top dozen on Disney’s list of toy suggestions for 2015 include the Anna and Elsa Frozen Fever Doll Set, the Inside Out Talking Doll Sing-Along With Elsa by Jakks, and  Star Wars Princess Leia and Darth Vader costumes.


This IS the Droid You Want!

BB-8 the App controlled Droid is but one of the star wars toys that many will want to get their hands on.  At a rumored price of around $150 so it is not a toy that will be in everyone’s Christmas stocking this year.  Sphero has built a toy that can be controlled by a smart phone, given voice commands and one that will probably have those that can afford it competing with one another to see who can navigate  the maze that the imagination  creates. 

Star Wars Toy Unboxing Event

The excitement for Christmas is really building especially with Star The Force Awakens opening before Christmas.  A lot of children have heard mom and dad (grandmother and granddad) talk about Star Wars so there is excitement from all directions to see what will be on the wish list for Christmas.  Around the world event the toys for 2015 were shown today, Force Friday.    Continue reading “Star Wars Toy Unboxing Event”

Welcome to Santa’s New website!

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to Visits With Santa.  With more and more people using mobile devices it was time to update the website so that it would like good and be easy to operate on iPhones, Android phones, and tablets.  Let me know if you see anything that does not work correctly or if you have any suggestions for improvements.

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